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How it All Started...

Have you ever wondered where those funky gadgets come from that your friendly chiropractor/naturopath/energy-worker uses? Each of these devices has a story about how it came to be. But none of them has a story like this…

The late 1990’s found me traveling in a big, silver travel trailer that I was pulling with a 1969 Cadillac Convertible. I was writing about how we can have technology in ways that are more harmonious with our True Selves, and with our beloved Mother Earth.

After a while, traveling by myself got kind of old. The cute, female companion I imagined sharing my adventure with never materialized. Desperate for some companionship, I began to think about some kind of pet. Somehow, after considering the logistical issues associated with a dog or a cat, I ended up with hermit crabs. I guess I was pretty hard up.

I found the hermit crabs to be quite entertaining companions. They became tame very quickly, and would consistently make me laugh with the goof-ball things they would do. A large problem, however, was that they did not deal well with the temperature extremes in the trailer. Several of them died, which was no fun at all.

Being an inventive sort, I cobbled-together a heater for them out of a tin can, a 12-volt light bulb, and a household thermostat. Now warm and comfortable, the hermit crabs were much happier. I had no idea that I had just embarked on a journey that would lead to the development of a revolutionary energetic healing technology.

I became obsessed with the heater. I made frequent trips to Radio Shack, buying books about electronics and parts with which to experiment. After two years, I had transformed my once-humble terrarium heater into an elegant, computerized environment. It used a red light bulb as the heat source, which would get brighter or dimmer depending on the amount of heat needed. (Red lights don’t keep crabs and reptiles awake at night.) The hermit crabs loved it. I filed a patent application and was preparing to take this product to market.

Then fall came, and the seasonal job I had came to an end. I brought my terrarium heater and a few other gadgets to an inventors meeting. I told everyone there that I was going into business making gadgets for other inventors. A fellow there saw the heater, with the red light getting brighter and dimmer. He asked me if I could have a knob control the brightness, rather than the temperature sensor. I said yes, and he hired me to make a computerized controller for his light sculptures.

I had a great deal of fun playing with his light controller. It would mix varying amounts of red, blue, and green light, creating a fabulous array of colors. I made one for myself because it was so much fun to play with.

For the next couple of months, I used my light controller at inventor’s meetings to show off my prototyping prowess. As we turned off the lights, a series of “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” could be heard, as people watched the colors change. Later, I would lie in bed at night, watching the machine on the shelf, changing colors. Oddly, I kept having an intuitive sense that this thing was “highly underutilized.”

The breakthrough occurred one night in January when I brought the machine to a party. I knew that my friend, Bertrand, would be there. A gifted healer, Bertrand immediately sensed the energy the device was producing, which I, at the time, was not able to detect. Within minutes, people were lined up to receive treatments with the machine. Bertrand was muscle-testing them and balancing their spleens and livers and such. Thus, the Perkl-Light™ was born.


It turns out that I had “accidentally” created a brand-new mechanism for generating a subtle-energy field (a.k.a. "chi" or "life-force energy"), using light. My friend Bertrand discovered what I had done. Depending upon your point of view, the Perkl-Light is either divinely inspired, or the fruit of a bizarre series of coincidences. Personally, I prefer the former explanation. Ironically, at the deepest level, the story of the Perkl-Light is no different than that of the other devices used for energy work. I believe they were all divinely inspired. That said, one of my favorite things is when people ask me how we came up with this wonderful, new technology. Because, as you know, it started out with hermit crabs.




David A. Thomas is a founder and CEO of Star Energetics LLC, and is a co-inventor of the Perkl-Light™ Portable Energy Spa. For more information about the Perkl-Light, call 1-877-PERKL-4 U (1-877-737-5548).



Dr. Bertrand Babinet L. Ac. is a healer in Lyons, CO, and a co-inventor of the Perkl-Light™. He can be reached at 303-823-0301,

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