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Star Energetics LLC is kind of a small (but very friendly!) operation without a large research budget. That said, we have done a few small studies to help demonstrate the effectiveness of this technology.

A small study by Dr. Beverly Rubik with her GDV camera

This study was conducted by Dr. Beverly Rubik, who is a world-renowned biophysicist, and founder of the Frontier Sciences Institute. The purpose of this study was to measure the effects of the Perkl-Light on a person's biofield with the GDV camera. The results were pretty exciting! Read about this study.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

The purpose of this informal study was to get a sense of what percentage of the general population could feel the energy of the Perkl-Light directly with their hands. Read more

Before and after with the GDV camera (water droplet)

This short video shows the energy field around a water droplet both before and after charging with the GDV camera:

Before and after fingertip coronas

Here are "before and after" images showing fingertip coronas on Kirlian Photography equipment (the kind that uses Polariod film). Look at the images. This kind of kirlian photography is not nearly as accurate as the GDV camera, but the images are interesting, nonetheless.

Informal, but very accurate "customer satisfaction" study

Probably the most statistically significant "study" is not really a study at all - it is just that with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, we have a return rate of less than 5%. (You could consider our "30-day return policy" to be a "research study" to determine if people, in general, think the Perkl-Light is worth paying nearly $500 for.) This means that with us selling both to practitioners and the general public, 19 out of 20 people are satisfied and choosing to keep their Perkl-Lights. (Practitioners almost never return their Perkl-Lights.) We are very happy with this high degree of customer satisfaction, with nearly 1800 units sold, as of this writing. As such, we are very confident that you will be happy with your Perkl-Light, should you decide that you would like to have one.

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