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Perkl-Light Energy Spa™ compared to other Energy Healing devices

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Unsolicited testimonial:
When I was in end Stage IV cancer, 60 lbs just fell off of me. Unfortunately, most of that was muscle! So it's kind of easy for me to "pull" a muscle right now. I pulled a muscle in my low back and was the pain level from it was about an 8. My daughter tested if there was something that could help me, e.g., Rife Machine, Hot Castor Oil Pack, Essential Oils.... but the thing that test positive was my Perkl-Light. She tested which things to run me on. I ran it a fair amount of time. I don't honestly remember how long but it was at least 30 min. When I was done, the pain was -greatly- reduced and within a few hours completely gone! You are really onto something here David! A million thanks! -- K.W. from Virginia, USA

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hermit crabs on finger

Read the amazing story of how Spirit used hermit crabs to bring in this new technology

Alpha Point

Read about the miracle of the “Alpha Point” (energies from beyond the "Big Bang"?)

(30-day satisfaction guarantee!)

Are you looking for a high-quality energy device that does not require:

  • A second mortgage on the house to pay for it?
  • A master’s degree to operate it?
  • An electrical engineer to help you set it up?
  • Time out of your busy schedule to use it?

The Perkl-Light is a high-quality energy device that fits:

  • Your budget
  • Your existing training as an energy practitioner
  • Your purse or briefcase
  • Your busy schedule

So what does the Perkl-Light do?

  • The Perkl-Light generates a field of chi, using light. You can feel it! Feels just like the body’s energy if you are used to working intuitively.
  • The Perkl-Light can balance your chakras, acupuncture meridians, and much more.
  • The Perkl-Light can energetically clear a treatment room between sessions, and can clear negative energies out of crystals or other objects
  • The Perkl-Light can generate an energy field that supports a particular intention (e.g. “send helpful energy to my foot” or “help me to have greater clarity” or “help me to shift more into my “True Self”. (More information here.)
  • Give you a nice energy tune-up when you are tired.
  • Work while you are sleeping or busy with another task.

If this interests you, we encourage you to peruse our website or give us a call (877-PERKL-4-U, or 877-737-5548) or email us for more information. You may also want to sign up for our newsletter by entering your information in the box at the right. Or, if you are ready to have a Perkl-Light in your life, visit our catalog page and buy your very own Perkl-Light now.

If you like any of the following devices, you would probably love a Perkl-Light. We invite you to compare! We have included links to all their sites because we are confident that after you shop around, you will see that the Perkl-Light gives you just about the most “bang for the buck” of anything out there.

  • Acugraph® - a computerized device that graphically displays the health of the acupuncture meridians. The Acugraph is manufactured by Miridia Technology, Inc., which also sells AcuHerb™ (herbal suppliments), Points (Acupuncture mastery software for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), Auriculo (Auriculotherapy Location and Protocol Reference Software), Stimplus Pro™ (a small device for acupuncture point location and stimulation), and Aulterra Neutralizer (helps mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation). I personally know Adrian Larsen, the founder of Meridia, and he is a really great guy! We have done some small studies with the Perkl-Light and the Acugraph, and found them to be highly compatible.
  • Biogenesis - a set of glass tools programmed with energy, for use in balancing one's energy. I have not had the opportunity to work with them personally. They are very beautiful.
  • Bioresonance Systems - work with balancing frequencies in the body's energy fields. Stated simply, wellness can be supported by exposing the body to healthy frequencies. Examples of products that use Bioresonance include: Bicom®, Holimed Bioswing, Imedis, Medisend, Mitosan, E-Lybra™, Mora, KARNAK Sensor , CoRe (see below), Nutri-Eneregtics Systems (NES) Pro, and QXCI / EPFX / SCIO.
  • Cold Laser - also known as "low level lasers." Cold lasers have a lower level of output than those used in surgery, for example. In some instances, they may be FDA approved. Read about the history of cold laser therapy here. Here are several manufacturers of cold lasers: Erchonia, Microlight Laser Direct Connect Laser Therapy, Laser-Therapy.US
  • CoRe, manufactured by Inergetix, is an informational and energy medicine technology (hardware and software) which includes a hologram generator and a database of over 100,000 items. Another product sold by Inergetix is the Health Navigator.
  • Ionic Foot Bath (Detox Foot Bath, Detox Foot Spa) - There are a number of versions of this available. The basic idea is that you put your feet into water into which electrodes have been placed. After 15 minutes or so, the water looks terrible, indicating toxins having been drawn out of your body through your feet. Two of the more popular versions are the Aqua-Chi, and the IonCleanse®. You can also visit, www.detox8.com which has an assortment of them, and they are also available on amazon.com.
  • Light Therapy - has many forms. See "cold laser above." Also, Spectro Chrome Therapy, by Darius Dinshah. NASA has done some research on using arrays of LED lights for wound healing and other issues. Note that while the Perkl-Light is technically a Light Therapy product, in practice, it works better to focus on the energy rather than the perceived color it produces.
The above list is a work in progress. We are updating it periodically. So be sure to bookmark this page and check back reguarly for more information. This information is accurate to the best of our ability as of the time of publication. If you are aware of any inacuracies, please contact us so that we may take appropriate corrective action.
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