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March 2011 - Perkl-Light setting for Japan. I got an email from one of my customers this past week asking if there was a setting to help with all the energies related to the situation in Japan. A setting came in, which is: 14 red, 29 green, 24 blue. Read more...

November 2008 - Recession is coming - participation is optional With all the bad news about the economy these days, there is an energetic of fear and lack that is going around like a disease. It is easy to get sucked up into this if you watch the news too much. Fear, as you may know, is inconsistent with energies of prosperity and abundance. This issue of the Perkl-Letter is dedicated to assisting you in maintaining a high-vibration and a consciousness of abundance and prosperity. Tips are provided that can assist you whether you have a Perkl-Light or not. Read more...

May 2008 - Balancing Your Mind and Your Intuition Energy work is a task that our analytical, reasoning minds are not particularly qualifed for. Most people get good results with the Perkl-Light (or other forms of energy-work) because they pay attention to their experience and their intuition rather than their thoughts. That said, there are useful things for the mind to do, to support the energy work, once it learns where the boundaries are. Read more...

March 2008 - My Adventure in Intensive Care - Using the Perkl-Light in a Setting Such as a Hospital Use of the Perkl-Light ™ can strengthen the body's ability to respond energetically to many kinds of stressors. In general, this is a good thing. But you may run the risk of strengthening the body's ability to fight unnatural, invasive medical procedures. As such, it is important to set your intention for your energy work to be in cooperation with your medical care. Extra bonus - a visualization to help you have a better experience of injections and the like. Read more...

November 2007 - Intentionality and the Highest Good As taught in the movie, "The Secret," the intention you hold sets the stage for the results you get. This is true in life in general and especially in energy work. In this newsletter, we explain how to set your intention to optimally support your energy work, and how to use the Perkl-Light to maintain an energy field that supports this intention. Read more...

September 2007 - Grounding Your Energy Fundamentally, grounding is about re-establishing your energetic connection to the physical plane as an inhabitant of the planet Earth. People may need to ground after a powerful healing experience. Grounding is an important aspect of maintaining your energetic health. Read more...

April 2007 - Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Related Conditions This issue discusses using the Perkl-Light for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Techniques presented are useful for many other types of energy-imbalances, as well. Read more...

December 2006 - The Scanning Technique for Pain or Emotional Discomfort The scanning technique is a simple, powerful method of using the Perkl-Light that is effective on conditions causing pain or discomfort. The pain or discomfort serves as a messenger between the conscious mind and the cells that are in distress. Most people can learn the scanning technique in 5 minutes or less. Read more...
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