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The Perkl-Light™ boosts the "Life Force" in your body...

The Perkl-Light™ is a portable, light-based energy device that uses complex wave-forms of light, accurate down to a 10-millionth of a second, to generate an energy field that enhances your own "chi" or life-force energy. Most people can feel it working within seconds!

Perkl-Light with display

Easy for the novice to learn

The Perkl-Light™ balances chakras, meridians, organs and more in less than five minutes, with no skill required. This makes it ideal for novice users, or those beginning a study in energy-work.

The energy is familiar

While the technology is new, the energy is not. The life-force energy generated by the Perkl-Light works similarly to that used in practices such as Reiki or Qi-Gong. The Perkl-Light dissolves energy blocks to increase your energy and vitality, ease chronic pain, and lift your spirits. The feeling can be similar to that which you experience after meditation or a Yoga session - calm, and centered. The Perkl-Light can also energetically clear a room in a few minutes, creating a peaceful, harmonious environment.

Perkl-Light with knee

Sophisticated, yet simple to use

The Perkl-Light™ is a highly-advanced instrument. It offers eight major modes including Ayurvedic, Five-Element Acupuncture, Psycho-Spiritual, Acupuncture Meridians, Body Systems (e.g. Respiratory, Digestive), Organs, and Chakras. The Frequency-Clearing mode clears and balances energy fields associated with allergies, bacteria, viruses, stress, electromagnetic fields, and more.

The Perkl-Light can sequence through any of these modes automatically, making it easy to use, even for those who consider themselves technologically-challenged.

Enhance your intuitive gifts

You can find custom settings on your Perkl-Light to support your daily intention, life-goals, and dreams. Using manual mode, focus on what you would like to manifest -- feel the Perkl-Light align with your intuitive nature, to magnify universal principles, including the Law of Attraction. Additionally, over 100 experiential settings are provided to support your intentions, prosperity or alignment with your life's purpose. Two training DVDs are provided for ease of learning and use.

Perkl-Light with computer

Has many Uses…

The Perkl-Light™ does more than just balance and vitalize your body’s energy. The Perkl-Light™ also energetically clears and reprograms jewelry, crystals, water, or eyeglasses in seconds. You can set the Perkl-Light on the "Electromagnetic" setting while using your computer to help protect your body's energy fields from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Works while you do other things …

For home use, the Perkl-Light™ may be set up and then used while you do something else – read, meditate, even watch TV or work on the computer. Practitioners - use the Perkl-Light during a session to enhance the modality you are already using. If desired, you can set up a client with the Perkl-Light™ and then leave the room. You can also use the Perkl-Light in between sessions to clear energies released during treatment. You can also facilitate powerful remote healings with the Perkl-Light.

A fraction of the cost of other modalities

Most devices for bioenergetic treatment cost thousands of dollars. This puts them out of reach for many gifted practitioners and for virtually all lay-persons. The Perkl-Light™, in contrast, is affordable by everyone.


Awaken your body’s intelligence! Unlock your hidden potential!
Recalibrate your human energy system to orchestrate its natural “flow”!

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