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Why Dowsers Love the Perkl-Light

The Perkl-Light can add a new dimension to your dowsing and energy-work. Here are some reasons why dowsers find the Perkl-Light so appealing:

Dowsers love the Perkl-Light because the energy is familiar

Our brand-new light-based technology creates an energy field that is harmonious with the life-force in your body.  The energy produced by the Perkl-Light is similar to the energies you are used to working with as a dowser.  As such, most dowsers find the Perkl-Light to be very natural and easy-to-use. Clearing Jewelry and a Pendulum with the Perkl-Light

Dowsers love the Perkl-Light because it can clear and program a pendulum

The Perkl-Light has the ability to clear and program objects such as crystals, jewelry, eyeglasses, or your pendulum. Dowsers often find that their pendulums are more responsive after a treatment with the Perkl-Light.

Dowsers love the Perkl-Light because it is powerful!

Most people can feel the energy directly with their hands, even if they have no previous experience in energy-work. Click here to for the results of our informal study.

Dowsers love the Perkl-Light because it is easy to use

You can determine optimal settings using a pendulum, stick-pad dowsing, or other dowsing techniques. Your dowsing skills provide a simple way to determine a preprogrammed setting such as chakras, acupuncture meridians, organs, body systems, five-element acupuncture, or ayruvedic. You can also dowse to find a custom (manual mode) setting using simple, intuitive techniques.

Dowsers love the Perkl-Light because it is portable

Whereas many devices are big and bulky, the Perkl-Light fits in a woman's purse. So it is easy to take your Perkl-Light with you wherever you go!

Dowsers love the Perkl-Light because it is affordable

Most other energy devices cost thousands of dollars. With a retail price of $497, the Perkl-Light is affordable by most people.
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