January 4, 2018 @ 8:01 PM

I'd like to share with you a story about an an amazing healer that helped me when I was in college. This article is timely because, as we are all considering the ways in which we would like to be a better person in 2018, it can be inspiring to look at the lives of others who have done something amazing with their lives.

I had been getting sick a lot. I would go to the doctor and he would say, "You have an upper respiratory infection due to a virus. There is nothing we can do. It will get better in a few days." I would ask, "Well why did I get one last week, and the week before, and the week before that?" They did not have a good answer for that question.

I was contemplating all this one afternoon, while I was in the waiting room at the chiropractors office. I was considering that maybe this was how my life was going to be - sick much of the time. About this time, I was approached by a stunning woman, with long, black hair, and the bluest eyes you have ever seen. "Why do you look so sad?" she asked. I told her about how I had been getting sick so much of the time. She told me that she was an herbalist, and thought she could help. "Is it expensive?" I asked. She indicated that it was not.

She was half Lakota Sioux Indian, and half Swedish. Hence her stunning looks. She had been trained in Native American healing arts by her grandmother, if I remember correctly. I was willing to try anything at this point.

She provided me with several substances to try. There was a blood cleanser and a bowel cleanser, and some respiratory syrup to strengthen my lungs. The blood and bowel cleanser were the most foul - tasting things I had ever experienced. I learned to swallow them quickly. The goal was to get them into my mouth and swallowed before my taste buds knew what was happening. Otherwise, they weren't going down.

After a week or so, I began to feel somewhat better. After 6 weeks, I was feeling amazing! I went from being sick all the time to never getting sick at all, for more than a year.

I used the herbs for a number of years. Eventually I solved more of the puzzle and learned other ways to advance my wellness. (Especially the Perkl-Light!) I still occasionally make up a batch of the respiratory syrup, and have some in the fridge.

Much later, I Googled Tieraona to see what she had been up to. Turns out that that she had gone on to Medical school, become a medical doctor, and served in an advisory capacity for many organizations such as the Clinton Administration, The National Institute of Health, and many others. (See https://drlowdog.com/about/)

I find myself extremely grateful that there are pioneers like Tieraona. I feel that people like her serve as role models, reflecting back something of our own unrealized potential.

I am really grateful Tieraona was there to help me the way she did at a critical time in my life. I have evolved a great deal in the decades that have passed since that time. I am really grateful that I was chosen to have the Perkl-Light come through me. It has been very valuable to me in my wellness journey, and it has been extremely gratifying to see my loved ones, friends and my customers benefit from the amazing healing energetics of the Perkl-Light as well.

You can find out more about Tieraona at https://drlowdog.com/