June 23, 2017 @ 4:05 PM

Perkl-Light featured setting:
23,51,12, Having the courage to act upon your inner knowing

Is it time for you to have a Perkl-Light? Often, people tend to "know" when it is their time to have a Perkl-Light of their very own. For some, they have this clarity on one level, but there is a consideration of some sort that stops them.

How can you live your life with the courage to listen to your True Self and act upon the clarity that emerges?

OK, this advice applies to more in life than a decision about whether or not buy a Perkl-Light. There are many great people throughout history that we admire for following their truth - their inner knowing: Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, to name a few.

OK, so maybe you aren't going to change the world by buying a Perkl-Light. But then again, maybe you will.

While the Perkl-Light is great for the little (and sometimes not so little) wellness challenges that we all face from time to time, it's main purpose is transformation. We all are living smaller lives than we have the potential to be living. It can be as simple as becoming a healthier version of yourself. But as we all know, we are body, mind, and Spirit. That sore foot, or lack of energy at certain times of the day frequently will be a result of some piece of unrealized potential that you have.

Will you be the next Ghandi or Martin Luther King? It is not necessary for you to do that. All that is necessary is for you to be the best version of yourself that you can.

The Perkl-Light can help you to take a significant step in this direction. Use the setting at the beginning of this article to create an energy field that supports you in living from your True Self and courageously acting upon your inner knowing.