May 25, 2017 @ 3:32 PM

How is it that a little device with a computer inside can make an energy field that to a Healer, feels just like Chi?

When I was first starting my Perkl-Light business, I had a handful of people helping me to make sales. After a few weeks, a question came up in one of our meetings, that they were having difficulty answering. This was, "What does the Perkl-Light do?" A pretty odd situation to be in, having a product on the market and satisfied customers, but unable to clearly articulate what the product actually does.

A decade later, the answer to that question is a lot more clear. To do so, it is necessary to discuss the field of biophotonics as it relates to chi, or life force energy. (Yes - Science is finally beginning to catch up to the ancient arts of energy healing!)

In one of my favorite experiments, researchers took an ordinary cucumber from the grocery store, and cut it in half. One half was the control, and the other half received an energy healing treatment. They then measured the biophoton output of both cucumber halves. The cucumber half that received the energy treatment had significantly increased biophoton output as compared to the control. (Simplified explanation.) This clearly indicates a link between biophoton output and at least some forms of energy healing.

According to the work of biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp these biophotons are constantly zipping all around your body, both within and between cells. They have a signaling/regulating function, and are a precursor to each of the 100,000 chemical reactions that take place within a cell, every second.

Based upon this, some connections can be made between the world of biophotonics research, and the ancient arts of energy healing. For example, it is taught in many energy healing modalities that the energy has "information" on it. This idea seems consistent with the idea that the biophotons zipping all around the body have a signaling function. Could it be that whatever it is that is being "signaled" could be the same thing as the "information" that an energy healer senses on the energy they work with when they do a healing?

At this point, the operation of the Perkl-Light becomes more clear. The Perkl-Light, as you may know, pulses light in precisely controlled patterns, accurate down to a 10-millionth of a second. There is a lot of intuition that goes into its design, in the timing of the light pulses, the calibration, and a few other things.

Through experimenting over the last decade or so, I have learned a great deal about how to configure a Perkl-Light to engage with the body's energy field in a positive and uplifting way. Based on what I have been learning, it appears that, through the development of the Perkl-Light, I have inadvertently begun to decode the language of biophotonic communication within the body. E.g. "pulse the lights for specific durations at specific frequencies in specific patterns to produce an energy field that supports a particular intention."

No wonder I had trouble answering the "What does the Perkl-Light do?" question all those years ago.