December 31, 2017 @ 7:48 PM

A part of the human condition is that we have these grand dreams and visions, and then it seems that what shows up in our lives is something less than that. How can we do better? How can we manifest a reality that is closer to the amazing life we imagine that we might have?

Some of it boils down to letting go of patterns of self-limitation. We all have these. Often, as these patterns are released, greater clarity comes forward about our purpose and our direction.

I have found that the Perkl-Light can be of great assistance in overcoming these patterns of self-limitation. These patterns can be viewed as areas of our body, mind, and Spirit where our life-force is not operating at the highest level it could be. The Perkl-Light can help blast through these energy blockages, bringing vibrant health, success, and vitality to previously stuck aspects of our energy.

Here are some settings to help you:

Red Green Blue Intention
26 18 12 Letting go of that which no longer serves you
13 21 4 Knowing that you are worthy of a successful, happy life!
16 4 3 Having the courage to take the next step towards your dream
29 34 11 Clarity of intention - clarity about what you are going to manifest
14 10 1 Creating love, understanding, and healing in your relationships
3 12 10 Waking up to the realization that your True Self is embracing you!
28 36 14 Knowing and expressing your life-purpose