June 24, 2015 @ 2:11 AM

If you've been with me for a while, you might remember the story of how the 323-LightShip Perkl-Light came to be. On a mountaintop in southern New Mexico amidst wild, amazing energy. The new Integra Perkl-Light came in in a cave in southern Colorado.

What was I doing in a cave in southern Colorado, you might ask? Well the simple answer is "following the energy."

The more detailed answer is that Kristy and I had been led to a particular area to camp in our camper. Looking at it in Google Earth and various maps, it looked really fun, with lots of dirt roads for riding our motorcycles. When we got there, we were both struck by the wonderful, sweet energy that was present. There was a canyon, with cliffs, and petroglyphs. Through the petroglyphs, we got a sense of who the people were that had lived there thousands of years ago. We both felt a connection to them, as though we might have had a past life amongst that group.

While in the canyon, we discovered a cave. I spent some time alone in that cave. While I was doing this, I was very aware that some energy was present and that some shifting was occurring in my consciousness. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. I kept asking myself, "is this helpful?" It wasn't until I got back a few days later and was integrating the changes, that I could assess the profound nature of what had transpired in that cave.

My sense of the people that had lived there before was that they were very peaceful, and quite successful and having a good life in this particular location. There was abundant wildlife for hunting, and water year round in the little stream. My sense was also that this very existence was prior to the onset of some fairly dark energies here on earth, that are quite active today, primarily through our technology. "What was it like before this dark energy came in?" My sense from that cave was that people were very clear about who they were, what they wanted, very in touch with their bodies, in touch with nature, and without a lot of ego.

Having this reference sheds new light on my own experience as a modern human being. I'm very aware of the effects of this dark energy. I'm not exactly sure what to call it. But I feel it in my body, every day. It feels like a disturbing energy that takes me away from awareness of my true self.

With each passing decade, it seems that we become more and more separated from who we are. We have hunter-gatherer DNA. Our bodies were not engineered to eat junk food and spend our whole day staring at our smartphones. What would it really be like to live a peaceful life that our bodies were engineered for? It seems like that's what I got a glimpse of in that cave, in that canyon, in southern Colorado. And as I'm playing with this new Integra Perkl-Light , it seems to me taking me back to that place.

There's the old question about whether a fish is aware of water. A way of looking at it is that in order to know water, the fish would have to know the absence of water. So if a fish jumps out of the water and experiences air for a second or so, that would be the time the fish learns about the existence of water. I consider my time in this cave to be my moment of leaving the "water" of this dark energy and experiencing something else. Hence, my awareness of this not so helpful energy, that seems to be the water we are all swimming in.

I am just beginning to explore this new air. It is like taking off a suit of my false self, and seeing what it really feels like to be me. I consider this adventure of consciousness to be the greatest adventure on earth. Who are we really? What does it feel like to be a truly alert aware, alive human being? I am only beginning to discover this. Won't you join me on this adventure?

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