December 12, 2014 @ 9:35 PM

As the developer of the Perkl-Light Energy Spa, I have become quite familiar with the mechanism of generating a chi-like energy field by pulsing LED lights in particular patterns at particular frequencies. One thing I have learned over the years is that while it is easy to make a device that creates a light-based energy field that people can feel, it is really difficult to make one such that people will almost universally experience the energy as uplifting in nature.

Current research in biophotonics indicates that 1) biophotons are directly involved in cellular function, and 2) when energy practitioners "send energy" through their hands, there is a measurable increase in the output of biophotons coming from their hands. Not to discount the relevance of other forms of electromagnetic radiation in the phenomenon of chi, it seems clear just based on this that there is a connection between biophotons and chi.

In my over 10 years experimenting with various configurations of the Perkl-Light device, the following has also become clear: 1) that there is information carried in the chi-like energy field (not news to most of you), and 2) that a significant part of the mechanism for conveying this information is in the timing of the pulses of the LED lights.

Now, think for a moment of a cat walking on piano keys. It makes a sound, but not one that is particularly musical. The cat doesn't know anything about music - it is a cat. It takes skill, talent, and training to make a sound come out of a piano that most of us would regard as musical.

LED lights are currently in widespread use for everything from Christmas lights to flashlights to car tail lights. The current paradigm in electrical engineering is that if you flash LED lights too fast for the eye to see (anything over about 30 Hz) you can use a technology called "Pulse Width Modulation" (PWM) to create the appearance of dimming or mixing of colors with LED lights. It is currently believed that the particular frequencies used are irrelevant, and that the only effects on the body are the visually beautiful colors that result.

For those of you familiar with the Perkl-Light, you know that it also emits beautiful colors of light. But the important thing about the Perkl-Light is not so much the beauty of the colors your eye sees, but rather, the integrity of the energy it produces, and the usefulness of that energy to your body, mind, and Spirit. In terms of the piano metaphor, the Perkl-Light would be like a skilled pianist playing beautiful music. (Ok, to be fair, as the developer of the technology, I am a bit biased :))

In contrast, the engineers who make Christmas lights (and other products that flash LEDs) are like the cat walking on the piano keys. The engineers by and large are not aware of the mechanism of "information" carried on a chi-like energy field produced by patterns of light pulses generated by their products, and therefore, the information that is produced is of a random, often chaotic nature, rather than an uplifting nature.

I am reminded of a couple of light devices in my neighbor's yard, across the street. Visually beautiful accents that change colors, nestled among the plants in her garden. I would look at these at night, sense the energy they produce, and think, "if they would only change the frequency of the light pulses, the lights would actually help the plants."

To be fair, a good deal of this info is based on my subjective evaluation of the energies produced by Perkl-Lights and by various LED products, such as Christmas lights. To my knowledge, there is only one person in the world with an opinion on this, and that is me. What I would like is your opinions of whether you find it supportive, neutral, or unsupportive of your body's energetic integrity to be subjected to the rapidly flashing LED lights in products such as Christmas lights, for example. (If you move the lights back and forth quickly while looking at them, you can see the flashing.) Please post here and let me know what you think!