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Congratulations on your decision to upgrade your older Perkl-Light to the amazing Universal Shift Perkl-Light™! To help us better manage our logistics, we maintain a waiting list for upgrade requests. Maintaining a waiting list in this way allows us to complete your upgrade quickly, once your appointment has been scheduled and your Perkl-Light has been shipped back to us.

Fill out the form below to request your upgrade. We will contact you when we are ready to schedule your upgrade. Your upgrade will cost $220 plus shipping,

Once you fill out this form, you will be provided with shopping cart links you can use to pay for your upgrade. Please note that you will be reserving and paying for your upgrade today, but waiting to ship it to us until we contact you. This allows us to upgrade your Perkl-Light and ship it back to you quickly - if everyone shipped us their Perkl-Lights at once, it would take us a while to upgrade them all, and you might be without your Perkl-Light for a considerable period of time.

If you do not want to wait for your upgrade, we recommend purchasing an amazing, new Universal Shift Perkl-Light. We suggest keeping your old one for an upgrade in the future, or selling it very reasonably to someone in need.

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