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How is Perkl-Light is Different from the Rife Machine?

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People often ask if the Perkl-Light is similar to a Rife Machine. While people who like Rife technology often like the Perkl-Light, there are some significant differences in the technologies:

Rife Technology is Electricity/EMF-based, Whereas the Perkl-Light is Light-Based

As you may know, Rife-technology generally works either by putting electricity through the body at low voltages, or by exposing the body to electromagnetic/electrostatic fields. The Perkl-Light, in contrast, is light-based and generates an insignificant amount of electromagnetic radiation outside of the visible-light spectrum. The result is an energy that is very natural and true to the life-force in your body. Practitioners skilled in modalities such as Reiki or crystal healing often report that the energy produced by the Perkl-Light is very similar to the energies they are used to working with.

The Perkl-Light is Intuitive and Natural to Use

To use a Rife machine, you typically look up frequencies in charts to determine an appropriate setting. The Perkl-Light, on the other hand, is so powerful that most people can feel its effects almost immediately as it works in their bodies. As such, it is often possible to find an appropriate setting simply by turning the adjustment knobs until you find a spot that makes you feel better. Where specific settings are desirable, the Perkl-Light provides seventy-one of them preprogrammed into the menu system, allowing you to balance chakras, meridians, organs, body systems and more in just minutes with no skill required!

Rife Machines are Frequency-Based, Whereas the Perkl-Light Uses Subtle Variations in Complex Waveforms

Rife technology tends to involve square, sine, or triangular waves at different frequencies to produce different results. The Perkl-Light, on the other hand, uses a complex system of stacked square waves with subtle variations in the timing parameters to focus the device on specific areas of the body's energy. But because the energy and interface are so intuitive, you don't need to know anything about the waveforms to effectively use the Perkl-Light.

The Perkl-Light is Powerful!

In February, 2006, we conducted an informal study at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. In this study, 83% of the people participating (non-energy practitioners) were able to feel the energy of the Perkl-Light directly with their hands. I don't know of any other subtle-energy technology that is comparably powerful. In practice, people using the Perkl-Light often feel more alert and energized, and are frequently able to energetically balance pain within a few minutes.

The Perkl-Light is Affordable - Rife Machines can be Expensive

With a retail price of $597.00, there is no need to take out a second mortgage on the house to own a Perkl-Light. Rife equipment, on the other hand, can cost many thousands of dollars.


If you are interested in a portable, affordable, powerful device to help you maintain your energetic health, the Perkl-Light is for you!   Buy your Perkl-Light now!


For more information about Rife technology:

I found a pretty good summary of different rife devices at www.royalrife.com/zappers.html. Here is an article on Dr. Hulda Clark's website about zappers, which are a popular type of Rife device. This site (www.noriftrife.com.) is interesting because they have figured out how to make a Rife Machine out of a computer and a stereo amp. You can buy their whole setup for in the neighborhood of $100. (I have not tried the equipment - this is in no way an endorsement, but it seems like it should work well in theory.)

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