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As a practitioner or a healer, consider using the Perkl-Light to enhance your and your clients' chi, dissolve energy blocks, and rapidly clear "energies" released during sessions. With your training in energy work, you will find the Perkl-Light quite easy to use. The Perkl-Light has settings built in for Chakras, Organs, Body Systems, Acupuncture Meridians, and more. Additionally, modalities such as applied kinesiology, pendulum, or your intuition can be used to easily find powerful settings for your clients using the Perkl-Light. Many of our practitioners would not go a day without using the Perkl-Light. (You would be surprised how many people are reluctant to send their Perkl-Light in for an upgrade because they don't want to be without it.)

Here is a short video that was made by a practioner named Lisa Keyes, who uses the Perkl-Light in her practice:

Here is some feedback from practitioners who use the Perkl-Light in their practices:

I recently treated a patient with severe rheumatoid arthritis.  Within three hours of her treatment, she came back with tears in her eyes, saying that the pain had gone.  I have also had success clearing reflexes associated with bacteria, viruses, yeast, parasites, etc. with a substantial reduction of associated symptoms.  I use a number of treatment modalities in my practice.  The Perkl-Light is an important adjunct to any energy practice, on a par with lasers and other subtle-energy modalities.

--Dr. Thomas Fritz. DC, Colorado

In my practice and on myself, I have used the Perkl-Light for menstrual cramps, anxiety, sleeplessness, indigestion, headaches, muscle tightness, fatigue, motivation, to obtain clarity, and generally to gain more balance and energy.  The Perkl-Light is really an amazing tool for life!

--Trish Andress, Bio-Energetic Consultant, New York

I am writing to tell you of the positive experiences with the Perkl Light Device.  With emotional issues, I have been using the psych/spiritual mode with specific item settings of joy, gratitude, clarity, and freedom.  I am noticing a shift in personality.  On other people who have different energetic imbalances with organ or tissues, selecting the mode involved body system or organ system is helpful to create a proper energetic balancing environment and assist in the healing process.  Thank you for this healing tool.

--Dr. Mark P. Lynch, DC, New Jersey

I found a manual setting using the Blink Technique that has helped me significantly to clear any energy I may have picked up from working with my clients. It has also boosted my energy level!

--Robert Labensart, Colorado

My Perkl-Light is awsome! I love the energy from it. Its a perfect addition to my sound healing sessions. The manual mode and all the auto modes are great. Thank you.

--Seth P, New Jersey

Interested in reselling the Perkl-Light in your practice? By selling (or recommending) Perkl-Lights to your clients, you can expand the power of your healing work, as your clients can now use the Perkl-Light both at home and during sessions with you. The Perkl-Light has excellent margins, so it also presents an opportunity to increase the profitability of your practice.

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