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Of Interest - Perkl-Light and Energy Work

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The Perkl-Light Compared to other Energy Healing Devices Find out why we think the Perkl-Light gives you more value for your money than just about anything else out there. In addition to listing the advantages of the Perkl-Light, we have included information about a number of other products with links to their websites. We do this with confidence because we believe that after you shop around, you will most likely come back and buy a Perk-Light. (And if you decide that one of the other products is more well-suited to you, we are happy to have provided this service to you...) Read more...

Arguments for the Existence of Chi This is the first of two excerpts from our patent application, that we thought would be of interest to you. While millions of people work with life-force energy (a.k.a. "chi," "Reiki Energy," "Prana," "orgone," etc.) on a daily basis, mainstream science has yet to acknowlege its existence. Here are some compelling arguments for the existence of chi, for your favorite skeptic. Read more...

Limitations on Mainstream Science This is the second of two excerpts from our patent application, that we thought would be of interest to you. How is it that mainstream science is so totally blind to the existence of life-force energy (a.k.a. "chi," "Reiki Energy," "Prana," "orgone," etc.) when so many people worldwide are using it on a daily basis? This article delves into the weaknesses of mainstream science to explain how such an important concept as life-force energy could fail to be recognized as real by our modern scientific establishment. Read more...

Balance Your Chakras in Minutes using the Perkl-Light With the Perkl-Light, you can balance your chakras in minutes, using light! You can work on a particular chakra or simply put it on "chakra-auto" for a quick energy tune-up. Read more...

Would you like to receive Reiki 24 hours a day? Well, none of us can afford that, but most of us can afford a Perkl-Light, which makes a very similar energy... Read more...

How the Perkl-Light is Different from a Rife Machine Quite often, people ask if the Perkl-Light is similar to the Rife Machine. While people that like the Rife Machine also frequently like the Perkl-Light, there are very few similarities to the technology. Read more...

Why Dowsers Love the Perkl-Light The Perkl-Light adds a new dimension to your dowsing and energy-work. The Perkl-Light is a powerful, portable, general-purpose energy device. The Perkl-Light can charge your pendulum to make it more responsive. The Perkl-Light can clear and program crystals, jewelry, eyeglasses, water, or a room. The Perkl-Light can also balance your body energy. Read more...

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