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Technology and Spirituality - "The Music of Systems" blog

David A. Thomas, one of the co-inventors of the Perkl-Light, has a blog on technology and spirituality called "The Music of Systems." David has applied decades to the development of this work, and uses it regularly as a way to properly engineer both the Perkl-Light, and the systems for manufacturing it with high quality. Topics include:

  • Form and essence
  • Intentionality behind systems
  • Metaphysics of business
  • The Artificial System and the Natural System
  • Isomorphic Wisdom
  • Paradigm Theory
  • Your mission
  • And more...
Note that as of this writing (November, 2010) this blog is relatively new. So not all topics are fully described.

Once again, you are invited to participate in the discussions or simply to enjoy the reading.

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