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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Perkl-Light™ a color-therapy device?
  • What kind of field does the Perkl-Light machine radiate?
  • How far does the energy field extend?
  • What sort of training do I need to use the Perkl-Light?
  • Are there any negative effects to be concerned about?
  • Is it possible to use the machine too much?
  • Is the Perkl-Light a color-therapy device? The Perkl-Light is more a subtle-energy than a color-therapy device. Because it is so easy to generate different colors of light with the Perkl-Light (over 16 million colors are possible), people are tempted to apply color therapy paradigms that associate different colors with different qualities, such as green for healing, pink for calming, or red for physical energy. As it turns out, people get much better results with the Perkl-Light if they relate to it from an energy-paradigm (e.g. Reiki, applied kinesiology, etc.) than they do if they focus on the colors. This is because the Perkl-Light actually changes the colors about 130 times per second, which is much too rapid for your eye to see. The eye blends all the color-changes into salmon or blue-green, for example. But while the eye cannot detect the rapid color-changes, the body energy does. The result is an effect that energy healers almost universally agree feels very similar to the energy they are used to working with (a.k.a. "chi," "prana," "life-force energy," "orgone," etc.) As such, best results are achieved with the Perkl-Light by focusing intuitively or experientially on the energy and the effects one feels in the body while using it.

    What kind of field does the Perkl-Light machine radiate? The Perkl-Light generates a subtle-energy field, using light. Most energy-practitioners report that this energy feels very similar to the energy they work with in their healing practices (a.k.a. "chi," "prana," "orgone," "life-force energy," etc.). In terms of mainstream science and physics, which does not recognize the existence of subtle energy, the Perkl-Light generates light, along with a very tiny amount of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), similar to an iPod or other small electronic device. (The maximum power consumption is about 2 watts). The actual mechanism of the Perkl-Light, however, seems to lie outside of currently-understood science. There is no scientific explanation I know of for why people would commonly feel sensations in their bodies when they use a Perkl-Light that, according to science, emits nothing but light. There is also no scientific explanation for why energy healers would report that Perkl-Light energy feels just like the energy that they work with in their healing sessions. NCCAM (a branch of the National Institute of Health that deals with complimentary and alternative health care) classifies energies such as that produced by the Perkl-Light as "putative" energy fields, meaning that there is "no scientific evidence" for their existence. I think that as more people find out about the Perkl-Light, it has the potential to significantly shift this paradigm, because people generally have an experience when they use the Perkl-Light. This should put to rest any argument about whether the energy is real. Ultimately, I believe we will find that: 1) Subtle-energy is, indeed real; 2) Subtle-energy can best be worked with using intuitive, right-brained experiential processes such as those taught in a myriad of energy healing modalities.

    The Perkl-Light presents a rare opportunity to actually buy a product for which the science is not yet known.

    How far does the energy field extend? The energy extends approximately 12 feet from the Perkl-Light, in all directions. The energy generally seems to be stronger when you are closer to it. Persons who are particularly sensitive have reported feeling the energy as much as 30 feet away.

    What sort of training do I need to use the Perkl-Light? Generally, practitioners who have training in some form of energy work, such as Reiki, applied kinesiology, or others, can use the Perkl-Light with only a simple orientation. A chart is provided in the instructions listing the 71 available preprogrammed modes (chakras, acupuncture meridians, etc.). Using a modality such as muscle-testing, you can determine settings that are beneficial to your clients. Two instructional DVDs are included in each Perkl-Light.

    Are there any negative effects to be concerned about?

    The general assumption with subtle-energy products is that they either do something helpful or do nothing at all. The Perkl-Light is a little different because the energy field it produces is so powerful. There are a couple of things you should be aware of in using the Perkl-Light:

    • In general, it is recommended that you use the Perkl-Light in a room by yourself (no other people, no pets). In some cases, people nearby may be adversely affected by negativity released by the person being treated. If you are near a person being treated, it is important for you to monitor your experience, and leave the vicinity of the treatment if you start to feel out of balance.
    • It is possible to use the Perkl-Light to work at very deep levels in balancing a person's energy. As the body energy adjusts to a higher level of function, there may be a "healing crisis" wherein a person feels worse on their way to feeling better. This characteristic is similar to other forms of energy work. The client may experience any number of symptoms, including tiredness, feeling "spaced out," or feeling disoriented. In general, all that is needed is for the person to have a couple of days of rest to integrate the experience.

    Is it possible to use the machine too much?

    Yes - it is possible to overstimulate your energy field with the Perkl-Light. Generally, your body will let you know when this has happened. In this case, it will simply not feel good to be around the machine. You can muscle-test to determine optimal lengths of treatment, but it is important to pay attention to what your body is telling you. The effects of overstimulation, while uncomfortable, have never been known to be harmful. Exercising can help to balance the energies in this instance.

    In some case, a healing crisis may result from overuse (or even from appropriate use). This is generally a good thing, but it helps if you have time to nurture yourself for a couple of days while your energy reorganizes itself.

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