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Balance your chakras in minutes with the Perkl-Light

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Perkl-Light on Chakra Auto Setting

The gentle, light-based technology in the Perkl-Light can balance your chakras in under 4 minutes. It is simple to do - just put your Perkl-Light on the "chakra-auto" setting and hang out nearby.

What does it feel like to balance your chakras with the Perkl-Light?

You will most likely be able to feel the energy moving in your body. Most people feel an energy boost and/or greater mental clarity from balancing their chakras with the Perkl-Light. If you want to use the Perkl-Light to work with a specific chakra, you can simply set the Perkl-Light on the setting for that chakra, to balance and energize it.

Sound too good to be true?

Below is a "before and after" graphic of a 50 year-old man. This picture represents his chakras - blue is "before," and red is "after" a 20-minute exposure to the Perkl-Light on the "clarity" setting:

Chakras - 50 year old man before and after

These results were provided by Dr. Beverly Rubik, founder of the Institute for Frontier Science. This image was taken on her GDV camera. You can see how his chakras moved more fully into the green area, which indicates that they became more balanced and energized.

What else can the Perkl-Light do for you?

In addition to chakras, the Perkl-Light has settings for acupuncture meridians, ayurvedic (vata, pitta, kapha), 5-element acupuncture, psycho-spiritual qualities such as clarity, freedom, and joy, and much more. The "machine clearing" setting is useful for clearing negative energies from a crystal, an object, or even a treatment room between clients. There is also a "manual mode" in which you can tune in the Perkl-Light intuitively to engage a specific energy block and clear it.

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