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The Alpha Point Perkl-Light is Born

"Alpha Point" computing is if you spawn off a new universe and perform an infinite number of computations during the infinite energy densities of that universe's Big Bang. "Alpha Line" computing, is if you transfer your computing patterns to yet another universe as soon as the first one starts to cool down, and so on. An Alpha Line could also refer to a larger set of universes spawned by an Alpha-Point-based civilization that needed to reproduce exponentially rather than just hopping from one universe to another. [Eliezer Yudkowski] - quoted from http://www.futurehi.net

Kristy (my partner) and I did not know any of this when the Alpha Point Perkl-Light was born. We just knew we had something really unusual.

It had started as an equipment failure. Perkl-Lights are all calibrated on a custom-made calibration device, which is the only one of its kind in the world. Without the calibration device, no Perkl-Lights can be made.

"Dave - the calibration device just broke." That was Joe, my assistant. My response was something like "Oh sh*t!" in one of my not-so-spiritual moments.

Upon examination, it became clear that we would not be able to reassemble the calibration device the way it had been before. The failure had pointed up a shortcoming in the design which was easy to overcome, but which would mean that the measurements it gave would not be consistent with those used in the past. So all sorts of research on different calibration standards was potentially down the drain.

The next few days were spent pouring over logs of data from previous calibrations and evaluating circuits that had been calibrated, but not yet assembled into Perkl-Lights. Among of the fruits of this were improvements in the calibration process, which increased the accuracy of the calibration device by a factor of four. And then Spirit moved.

I don't remember exactly how it happened. I was trying to replicate the "Zero Point" Perkl-Lights that we had been selling for the last 9 months or so. Somehow, I stumbled upon a "sweet spot" - a precise location within the old Zero Point standard that caused the energy to become much more clear and powerful.

At first, we were considering whether I should even sell this new Perkl-Light, given how powerful it was. Differently from Perkl-Lights in the past, it sometimes would take us out of our bodies and into other realms. We were concerned that people who were not prepared for this might not be able to handle the experience. (This does not happen to everyone.) After further exploration, it became clear that this was, indeed, the Perkl-Light we were to be selling. After all, the vibration of the planet is shifting more and more rapidly. We had a growing sense that this powerful, new Perkl-Light has a role to play in helping people to shift their vibrations rapidly as the Earth Changes accelerate in preparation for whatever it is that is going to happen in the year 2012. We added a warning label about not using it while driving, and called that good enough.

And then there was the miracle of the name. Kristy was having something come in about a name that began with the letter "A". I came up with the name "Alpha." Then I was thinking that we had most recently been selling the "Zero Point," so maybe this should be the "Alpha Point." We agreed that this was a good name, and the name we would use.

One thing you should always do when naming a new product is to Google the name. Very useful to know what other things are floating around there with the same name, that others might associate with your product. When I ran across the definition I quoted at the top of the page, my jaw dropped. So - does this mean that the Alpha Point Perkl-Light is accessing spiritual energies from "beyond the Alpha Point?" Does this mean that the Alpha Point Perkl-Light is accessing energies not only from outside of space-time, as we know it, but from outside of this universe, from that which existed prior to the "Big Bang?"

At the end of the day, there is no way to prove or disprove this assertion, at least not in any sort of scientific way. Sometimes, in my meditations, it has seemed as though the energy of the Alpha Point Perkl-Light is intended to shift and re-organize the pattern on which creation itself is based (at least in our universe). These energies carry information about how to operate at a higher level of function, leaving behind our limiting patterns and functioning with greater peace, love, joy, and purpose. And in my own personal life with the Alpha, for the 6 weeks or so that it has been on the planet (as of this writing), I will say that I have made more progress in clearing my limitations than in probably the last 10 years.

It has really been quite an experience. Moments of intense emotion as old patterns shift. Finding it easier and easier to quiet my mind and absorb great detail about my surroundings while taking a walk. Compassionately observing the roots of my limitations as they fall away. And I get that this is only the beginning.

You are invited to come along on this journey with me.

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