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Perkl-Light setting for Japan
Perkl-Light setting for Japan
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Perkl-Light setting for Japan, and an opportunity for a deal!

March 19th, 2011

Dear Friend,

I hope you like the new, simpler email newsletter format for the Perkl-Light. The old format had problems displaying properly on some people's computers. I've created the new Perkl-Letter for you to read and enjoy more easily.

A Perkl-Light setting for Japan

I got an email from one of my customers this past week asking if there was a setting to help with all the energies related to the situation in Japan. A setting came in, which is:

14 red, 29 green, 24 blue.

I tried this setting myself and instantly felt much better. I was surprised to see just how much of the chaos and disturbance in my own life this week was related to the events in Japan. (We are all connected.)

This setting should work on all Perkl-Light versions Zero-Point and newer (Zero Point, Alpha Point, Alpha-27 series). If you have an older Perkl-Light, maybe you would want to have it upgraded. Use this link to put your name on the waiting list. We are doing upgrades now, and can get yours done pretty quickly.

A deal for you (or for your friend)...

As it turns out, I still have a handful of Alpha-27a Perkl-Lights left, which I will be selling for $100 off. We are transitioning to the Alpha-27b. I would say that the Alpha-27a's are 95% as good as the Alpha-27b's. So this is a chance to get into a pretty new Perkl-Light at a very reasonable price.

I currently have 3 Alpha-27a's in stock, which I will sell for $397 each, and 3 Alpha-27a's with minor cosmetic irregularities, which I will sell for $347.

These Perkl-Lights will go to the first 6 people who contact me to place their order. You can reply to this email or call me at 877-737-5548.

Hi Dave, I received the perkl-lights yesterday. I have used mine and am feeling lighter and better today. I had thought the little grand-daughter with her quick to share head cold had struck again and that we might not be able to go away this weekend. I used the virus as well as the bacteria and allergy settings last night before bedtime and woke up feeling wonderful. I will be using the perkl-light near our grand-daughter on Monday to help her get over the head cold - hopefully to break the sharing cycle that has been going on since November 2010.

Thanks again, "Dr. Jill" from PA

* * *

Wishing you the best,

David Thomas
CEO Star Energetics LLC

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