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2008 November Perkl-Letter - Recession is here, participation is optional
Recession is here, participation is optional
November 2008
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Tips for maintaining your vibration
Background - how I got free
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Laughter is a good way to maintain a high vibration!

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I have owned my Perkl-Light for a month and I never want to be parted from it again!!! Customised settings - its the most wonderful night light for settling me down and I use it in the mornings beside my dressing area to give me zip! The colors are usually muted at night and fresh and fiesty in the mornings or if I'm getting ready for a night out the machine clearing mode gives me lovely rainbows. Its really rainy and dreary in the UK right now and I've been enjoying a beautiful sunny yellow color. If I fall asleep with it on I usually reach over and switch it off a couple of hours later without even waking properly. My body knows when I've had my fill. It is becoming a trusty friend :)
R. K. from The United Kingdom.
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A recession is here - participation is optional

Dear Friend,

With the all the bad news about the economy, it can be difficult to maintain a consciousness of abundance. It is so easy to get sucked into the energetic of fear that has become so commonplace.
This issue of the Perkl-Letter is dedicated to assisting you in maintaining a high-vibration and a consciousness of abundance and prosperity. Tips are provided that you can use, whether or not you have a Perkl-Light. Additionally, a Perkl-Light setting is provided to help protect you from the energetics of fear that have been going around. Fear, as you may know, quickly lowers your vibration and resonates with a consciousness of lack.
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Here's wishing you a healthy and prosperous holiday!
Tips for maintaining your vibration...
To avoid being affected by the energetic of fear related to current economic news, you need to maintain a high vibration. Here are some tips to assist you:
  1. Keep your vibration up by limiting your exposure to the news. If you must take in some news, I recommend the News Hour on PBS. As I stated earlier, their energy is much more academic, which is less likely to activate a "fight or flight" reaction than the network news. The network news has much more of an energetic of fear and sensationalism.

  2. If you must watch the news, use your Perkl-Light while doing so. Use the "protection from energetics of fear" setting (click here) to help mitigate any negative effects.

  3. Whatever you do that uplifts you, do more of that. Spending time with a hobby or a passion can be helpful because it affirms that things are ok and there is no need to look at your life from a paradigm of "survival."

  4. One of the best ways to raise your vibration is to be of service. Spend some time volunteering for your church or a local charity. Service is one of the highest-vibrational expressions available. When you are of assistance to others less fortunate than you, you affirm that you are abundant enough to give to others. You forget about your own problems for a while, and return to them refreshed and recharged. From this higher-vibrational state, you are more likely to see that creative solution to whatever is not working in your life the way you would prefer.

  5. Get some exercise and fresh air. Keeping the body moving helps clear out toxic energies that can bring your vibration down.

  6. Do anything that will make you laugh. Tell a joke, watch a funny movie, or even just laugh when there is nothing to laugh at. (Try it now!) People generally think you have to have something to laugh at, but it is quite therapeutic to just make yourself laugh for no reason at all. Laughter releases endorphins in your brain, that create happiness and joy. Laughing is one of the best ways to raise your vibration.

  7. If there is a task that you have been procrastinating about - do it now. Asserting dominion over your personal space in this way is empowering and helps to protect you from negative energetic influences. Also, from this sense of empowerment, you will have greater courage and may see opportunities that would otherwise escape you.

  8. Use your Perkl-Light to help you maintain your energy levels. Running through the preprogrammed settings such as chakras and acupuncture meridians can help give you an energy boost.

  9. See if you can get people close to you to follow this program with you. It is much easier to maintain a high vibration around other positive people.

It is important to remember that your state of outer abundance has a lot more to do with your inner vibration than with what is going on in the economy. By keeping a good attitude and therefore, a high vibration, you help keep your personal economy in good shape, and limit your participation in any economic downturn.

Remember that a recession occurs when a lot of people simultaneously lower their vibration into one of fear and lack. The more of us that can maintain a high vibration and a state of abundance, the shallower the recession will be, and the quicker the recovery. So by maintaining a good attitude, and therefore, a high-vibrational state, you not only support yourself in having a good experience, but you also serve others by doing your part to limit the scope and severity of the economic downturn that we seem to be experiencing.
Background - how I got free...
Back in October, Spirit afforded me an opportunity to see a higher way to function in the present economic uncertainty. Like most of my friends, I had become addicted to the news - most of it bad - pertaining to the the economy. I found myself listening to NPR during the day, frequently checking the Internet, and watching the News Hour without fail, every night. I found myself in a somewhat adrenalized, "fight or flight" state as I listened to one bit of bad news after another.

The form that Spirit chose to bring me this information was an invitation to spend the weekend with my girlfriend, Kristy, and a friend of hers, at a ranch, high in the mountains of Western Colorado. A couple of magnificent days of riding around on ATVs and taking drives in the mountains photographing the aspens in their fall glory, playing the guitar in the evening, and laughing a lot. Needless to say, by the end of the weekend, I had forgotten about the economy, and was in a peaceful, high-vibrational state.

ATV and aspens

On our way home, Kristy and I stopped at a hamburger stand to grab a bite to eat. They had TVs there, tuned into CNN. The screen had a big, red arrow, pointing down, and the headline, "Dow drops 777 points in one day." I instantly found that anxiety returning as I considered the implications.

Kristy reflected back to me, "David, you should really not be watching the news so much." I knew she was right, and I made a decision to set some clear boundaries regarding how I was going to be functioning a little differently, going forward. No more NPR, or checking the news on the Internet during the day. I have investments, and so I did not want to shut out the news altogether. So I decided I would allow myself to watch the News Hour on PBS every night if I felt so inclined. My experience of most of the network news is that there seems to be an underlying intention to make you feel bad or afraid. The News Hour, in my experience, is much more "neutral," giving the information without the energetic "charge."

My strategy worked. I have been mostly able to maintain a high vibration and not get sucked into the energetic of fear that is circulating virtually worldwide, at the moment. I spend most of my workday without even thinking about the news, just about my business. When I do watch the news on PBS, I get the information I need, without taking such a hit energetically. I go over to my friends' houses, in contrast, and find them to mostly be in a state of "fight or flight," wondering if they should clean out their 401K's and put the proceeds under a mattress.
Maintaining a high vibration at times like these is important for two reasons. First, while it can be compelling, it is just no fun to be sucked up into the energy of fear and addiction to the news on TV. Second, by getting hooked into the energy of fear, one can lower one's vibration, which energetically serves to make one's life work less well, and reduce one's sense of abundance.

Abundance is actually a very high-vibrational state. Abundance includes money, but also includes things like relationships with loved ones, a sense of being on purpose with one's life, and other things that contribute to quality of one's life. Fear is not consistent with abundance - you really cannot have them both at the same time.

You might not know that in the depression of the 1930's, while most people were struggling, there were many who prospered. Whatever happens to our current economy, the same will hold true. There will be some people who prosper, even as there are others who experience difficulty. It is important to remember this because it is easy to assume that if the economy goes south, you will be hurt personally. This is not necessarily the case. A lot has to do with how you manage your energy and your attitude.

Remember that your outer circumstance is a mirror designed to reflect your inner process and assist you in your growth and unfoldment. By maintaining a high vibration, you reduce the likelihood of outer problems. And, when the outer problems show up, you will be better equipped to deal with them from a high-vibrational expression than from a lower-vibrational expression, and you will get better results. (Think about how much better one performs when one is calm than when one is nervous.) So maintaining a state of positivity and optimism, while still staying grounded in reality, can actually enhance your outcomes on the physical level. While it is not always easy, it is possible to maintain an inner and outer state of abundance even if the world seems to be falling apart all around you.

It is commonly known that fear is actually part of the mechanism of a severe economic downturn. When people get sucked into it, they start selling off assets at a loss, which makes the problem worse. People also feel insecure and stop spending money on things, which causes other people to lose their jobs. So the energetic of fear actually causes people to behave in ways that contribute to a recession. Because of this, I have come to believe that each of us has a patriotic duty, to the best of our ability, to maintain a high vibration, and therefore, not to participate in the recession.
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