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2008 May Perkl-Letter
May 2008
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Quick Reference - Balancing your Mind and Intuition
A Lesson Involving my Motorcycle
Balancing the Mind and the Intuition
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how it feels. It's a noun and verb and great term to describe our state of being as we sparkle and shine.
R. S. from Canada.
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Balancing Your Mind and Your Intuition

Dear Friend, 

This issue of the Perkl-Letter is dedicated to assisting you in balancing your mind and your intuition.  In addition to assisting you in your energy work, this is a valuable life-skill.  We make better decisions when we are using all the information available to us - from both the mental and intuitive levels.  You can learn to properly focus your mind, and strengthen your intuition by practicing with your Perkl-Light.
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Quick Reference - Balancing your Mind and Intuition

Energy work is a task that our analytical, reasoning minds are not particularly well qualified for.  Most people get good results with the Perkl-Light (or other forms of energy-work) because they pay attention to their experience and their intuition rather than their thoughts.  That said, there are useful things for the mind to do, to support the energy work, once it learns where the boundaries are. 

For the mind to be helpful in energy work it needs to learn:
  • That the intuition is valid. That there are things that can be known that cannot possibly be known through thinking and reasoning
  • That it needs to get out of the way and allow you to focus on the experience, which is nonverbal.
  • That it can ask useful questions of the intuition and the body (see below), and the intuition or body will answer nonverbally. (Sometimes people use muscle testing or dowsing to assist in this process.)

The mind's  jobs when it comes to energy work are very simple:

  • Guide you through the steps, if this is a step-by-step process
  • Remind you to ask for feedback if you are working with a client. The answers you receive can be valuable feedback for your intuition in knowing what to do next.
  • Ask questions that direct your attention into the experiential level, such as, "What does that feel like?" "Am I aware of sensations?" "Where do I feel that in the body?" "Is it changing?" "If so, how?" "Are we done yet?" "Do we need another setting?" "Does this energy seem right?" Note that none of these questions can be answered by thinking and reasoning. They are all questions that must be answered by observing your experience.

This is a skill that I continue to practice and improve.  My Perkl-Light serves as a mirror and assists me in this learning process.  Some days I do it better than others.  But this is a really good direction - a life skill that serves me well when I have the wisdom to call it forward. 

If you like the information in this Quick Reference, you may want to explore the more detailed information that follows in the rest of the newsletter, including my first lesson in this topic, which I learned on my motorcycle.



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A Lesson Involving my Motorcycle...
As I stated previously, we make better decisions if we use both the mind and the intuition.  Here is a powerful story of how I first learned about this, and the consequences that followed.
Between my junior and senior years of high school, I fabricated a device to help me out-run the police on my motorcycle.  This device consisted of a little knob on the handlebars, which when pulled, would cause the license plate to flip up out of view.  The theory is that the pursuing police would then have been unable to identify me. 
As a somewhat rebellious high-school kid, I thought this was really cool, as did my friends at the time.  As a 50-year old man, it is somewhat embarrassing to relate this story, but the lesson is worthwhile. 


As you might expect, the first time I used the device, I ended up in the hospital, with skin grafts and a concussion.  Yes, I was wearing a helmet.  (If I had not been, there would be no Perkl-Light.)  I also had two tickets, for "reckless driving," and "eluding an officer." 


Shortly after the end of my two weeks in the hospital, I found myself before the judge.  "I've learned my lesson!"  I pleaded.  The judge looked at me, all bandaged up and walking crooked.  "Yes, I believe you probably have learned your lesson," he agreed, and reduced one of the tickets so I would not lose my license. 




So what was the lesson I learned, and what could it possibly have to do with energy work?  For decades, when I would relate this story, I would speak of the obvious lesson, i.e. that attempting to elude the police is not the brightest thing to do.  Every time I would say this, I had the feeling, somehow, that it was an incomplete truth.  It was not until I was in my 40's that I finally "got" the deeper and subtler lesson, which I will share with you now.




It was a bright, sunny Southern New Mexico morning.  I turned onto the side street - straight and wide with no traffic.  It felt so good to open the throttle wide and accelerate through the gears.  As I rolled up to the stop sign, I saw a police car behind me, a couple of blocks back, red lights flashing.   I had just been going something like 65 mph in a 25 mph zone.  "Time to test out the new invention," I decided.


I pulled the knob and observed the license plate snapping into a horizontal position.  I took a quick right and accelerated hard.  At about 60 mph, I decided to enter the K-Mart parking lot, promptly struck a parking curb, became airborne for about 60 feet, and landed with two bent wheels.  The motorcycle flopped wildly back and forth for another 60 feet before finally pitching me off.  I flew another 30 feet through the air before "arriving" on the asphalt, knocked unconscious by the impact.


So here is the deeper and subtler level to this lesson.  When I pulled the knob and decided to elude the police, I did so from my mind.  The problem is, my mind does not know how to ride the motorcycle.  My body knows how to ride the motorcycle.  I crashed because I let my mind take over a task for which it was totally unqualified.  My body would have looked around and said, "This is not a very good place to try and out-run the police."  My body would have said, "We are going too fast to enter this parking lot."  My Wisdom would have said, "This is really not a good idea."  My mind, enamored with its clever invention, took over the task of riding the motorcycle, with disastrous results.  

Balancing the Mind and the Intuition

Like riding a motorcycle, energy work is a task that our analytical, reasoning minds are not particularly well qualified for.  I have observed any number of ways that people (including me) sometimes let their minds get in the way of their energy work.  It can be helpful to shine the light on some of these patterns and discuss what to do instead.  By establishing clear boundaries between the mind/body/intuition, we can experience greater peace, and we can operate at a higher level of function. This is because we are listening to all the information available to us at any particular time, not just the information that the mind has been trained to recognize as valid. 


The first thing the mind needs to learn is that there are other ways to know things besides thinking and reasoning.  We know when we feel pleasure or pain, and this is an experiential process, not a mental/verbal/rational process.  The same is true with intuitive energy sensing. 


With practice, we can move beyond the gross experiential processes of pleasure and pain, and tune into ever-subtler awareness of our body experience.  We can also learn to sense the energy of an object, a place, or a situation, and we can learn to distinguish the energy we are truly sensing from energy we only imagine we are sensing. 


Often, the minds of really intelligent, analytical people have learned to mistrust this kind of experiential knowing.  Most of us have at least some improvement opportunities in this area.  I have observed, over and over, smart people intuitively finding the Perkl-Light setting they needed, pausing, then changing the setting to something less effective.  The inner process works like this, for these people:  They observe, they find their setting, then they pause while their mind asks them a question, such as, "How do I know that was the right setting?" 


For some reason, questions like this have the effect of totally shutting off intuitive awareness.  It seems as though the mind is placing out a demand for proof that is of an intellectual nature.  In the absence of such proof (since the information is of an experiential, not intellectual nature), the mind judges that there is no valid information available.  To the extent that we believe this, we have essentially invalidated our intuitive awareness.  The mind, then, takes over the task of finding a setting on the Perkl-Light  - a task that it can no more do than ride a motorcycle.  (Thankfully, it is not dangerous for your mind to try to do energy work - you will simply fail to get the results you otherwise might.) 


Sometimes, it is as though there is an "ego within the mind," such that the mind has its own self-importance and thus has a need to invalidate other kinds of knowing.  These mechanisms can be subtle.  It is a good exercise in awareness to observe your process and see what insights you can discover.  One key to freedom is to recognize that the mind thinks in words.  If you hear a dialogue in your head, that may suggest that your mind is operating. 


When attempting to get over a pattern like this, it can be helpful to focus first on body experiences.  This is because energy-awareness can be quite subtle, but sensations such as pain are generally powerful enough to get the attention of even the most analytically inclined of us.  Practicing awareness of sensations in the body is a first step toward cultivating sensitivity to subtler energetic levels. 


The scanning technique is a way you can work with pain to begin cultivating awareness of your body and begin teaching your mind what it is good at, and when to get out of the way.  The scanning technique is also easy to learn and highly effective.   In the scanning technique, you focus your attention on the pain in great detail.  Where is it specifically in your body?  Is it stronger in one area and less acute in another?  Is it throbbing, burning, or a dull aching?  What is it on a scale of 1-10?  The mind can actually be of service here, by reminding you to ask these questions, all of which direct you to focus on your experience, which is nonverbal.  Yes, you may come up with a verbal answer to the questions, but the experience itself is nonverbal. 


In this highly detailed state of awareness of the pain, you start turning a knob (red, green, or blue) on the Perkl-Light, watching for either an improvement in the pain (which could be barely noticeable), or for sensations such as warmth or tingling in the area of the pain.  Once again, these are all nonverbal experiences.  The clear boundary is that the job of the mind is to guide you through the steps in the technique and then get out of the way and allow you to observe your experience.


There is another way that the mind can improve the energy work.  A gift the properly balanced mind brings to energy work is that of validation.  Whenever I work on a person, I always ask them about their experience.  My mind reminds me to ask them.  As such, I get feedback about how my intuition is doing with the energy work.


My mind also has learned to respect my intuition.  My mind has learned to stop long enough for my intuition to speak.  My mind has learned that my intuition often comes up with useful information that could not possibly come from a process of thinking and reasoning. 


My intuition has learned to let go of any position that it is "right," and allow itself to be validated, for example, by asking the person I am working on about their experience.  In this way, the mind and the intuition have learned to cooperate.  As such, it is as though the two sides are making love - each perfecting each other in a synthesis that is far beyond what either could do by itself.

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