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2008 March Perkl-Letter
March 2008
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My Adventure in Intensive Care
Guidelines for Perkl-Light Use in a Hospital
Visualization for Injections and the like

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Light that you can feel!

In energy work, set your intention to cooperate with medical procedures.

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After a recent car accident I have had severe lower spine (sacral and hip and leg) pain and burning and numbness (in feet). I have left it set on skeletal system for long periods with wonderful results in pain relief and strengthening.
N. C. from Indiana
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My Adventure in Intensive Care - Using the Perkl-Light in a setting such as a Hospital

Dear David, 

Use of the Perkl-Light can strengthen the body's ability to respond energetically to many kinds of stressors.  In most situations, this is a good thing.  But when faced with invasive medical procedures, you run the risk of strengthening the body's ability to fight what they are doing.


So, just how did I make this important discovery?  And what should you do about it?  In the next section, you can read about my little adventure in intensive care.  Hopefully, what I learned about the Perkl-Light there will be of service to those of you unfortunate enough to need invasive medical treatments. 

My Adventure in Intensive Care

Two years ago, I started having chest pain, primarily when exercising.  The chest pains led to a treadmill test, which was irregular, followed by a second treadmill test, with imaging.  That evening, I was on the phone with my doctor, who told me that the second treadmill test was also irregular.  Upon hearing this, I felt the chest pains return.  Probably due to the stress of hearing the news. 


Dave's EKG


"You are feeling the chest pains now?" my doctor asked.


"Yes.  They started when you told me the news about the second treadmill," I replied.


"I want you to hang up the phone now, and call 911," she said, and I complied.


Emergency Room Entrance

I knew I had only a few moments before the ambulance would arrive, so I began gathering a few items I wanted to have with me for the adventure - my iPod, and of course, a couple of Perkl-Lights.  I no sooner had these things put into a bag when the ambulance arrived.


The EMTs wasted no time hooking me up to their equipment.  They gave me nitroglycerine and carried me out to the ambulance in the cold, December air. 


Once I was in the hospital, it wasn't long before the Perkl-Light began to prove helpful.  There was one medication they put into the IV that seemed engineered to produce an instant, splitting headache.  Fortunately, I found a setting on the Perk-Light that quickly made the pain go away. (You can use the scanning technique or the Blink Technique to find settings for things that cause pain.  The Blink Technique is explained on the blue-labeled "Intro DVD.") 


I am lucky - my hospital is relatively progressive - they have dogs available for patients to pet, you can order a vegan diet, and you can ask for an acupuncturist to treat you if you would like.  Nonetheless, it was interesting to explain the Perkl-Light to the doctors and nurses.  They were curious, and every single one of them could feel the energy when they put their hands over the emitter.  (I use the "machine clearing" setting for this demo.) 


"The Perkl-Light works with the life-force in your body,"  I told them. 


"Helps you relax," one of the doctors said.  I guess that was the closest approximation to the truth that would fit into his paradigm, given how little I imagine they teach about life-force in medical school. 


One of the most unusual experiences of the adventure came when they went to draw some blood.  In spite of the protruding veins in my wrist, they stuck me 4 or 5 times, and could not get a drop of blood.  They even hooked up a syringe to the already-established IV in my left arm.  They pulled the plunger and it just snapped back, once again, without yielding a drop of blood. 


All the while this was going on, I was having the oddest conversation inside my head.  I was distinctly aware of a part of me that was saying, "What?  They want to take my blood out?  Are they crazy?"


My belief about the Perkl-Light, from several years of experience, is that it increases the life-force energy in one's body.  For the past year or so, I had been sleeping with two, or even three Perkl-Lights by my bedside (mostly experimental ones I use in my product development).  So the life-force in me was really, really strong that day.  I believe that there is a wise place in each of us that knows how to best direct our life-force energy.  It seems that I was hearing from that wise place inside of me that knows that my blood is supposed to stay on the inside of my body. 


At this point, there were three or four nurses in the room scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to get the blood drawn. 


I said, "Here - let me try something," and reached over and intuitively found a setting on the Perkl-Light to facilitate the blood draw.  I would assume that with the Perkl-Light, I was communicating to that wise place inside that it was ok for them to draw the blood.  They tried again, and effortlessly got all the blood they wanted.  A couple of them had a look on their faces like they had just seen an alien or something.  My mom and I just looked at each other.  My mom is a regular Perkl-Light user and "understands." 


The next day, they did the heart catheter procedure.  The doctor told me beforehand that most likely, they would put in stents to open up the arteries, and I would have to take medications for a long time.  I don't like prescription medications very much, and was not thrilled with this prospect. 


I was grateful that they let me bring my Perkl-Light into the room where they conducted the procedure.  I had learned something important the previous night - that my intentions for use of the Perkl-Light should include cooperation with the unnatural, invasive procedures they were doing in order to extend my life.  So I set an intention that my body would cooperate with what they were doing in the highest way possible, and intuitively found my setting.  (Once again, "Blink Technique" presented on the blue "Intro DVD" is a good way to find settings for things like this.  Or you can do it intuitively or with muscle-testing, dowsing, or whatever is your preferred modality.)

Dave's Heart


I was pretty drugged up during the procedure, but my mind, somehow, was relatively clear.  They had a TV monitor hooked up so I could see the images.  The bottom line - they did not find a speck of plaque in my arteries.  The cardiologist smiled as they wheeled me back to my room and said, "There is no way you could get heart disease for at least 10 years.  Whatever you are doing, you should keep doing it."  In all fairness, I do eat lots of fruits and vegetables, take an Omega-3 supplement, and get a bit of exercise, in addition to my regular Perkl-Light use.  Probably also have good DNA.  They did not have a good explanation for the chest pains or the irregular treadmill tests.  "The heart-catheter is the definitive measure of whether you have heart disease.  Maybe you just had heartburn." 


I went home, very happy about the outcome of the adventure.  No stents - no drugs to take, no worries about my heart.  Thankfully, I had good health insurance that picked up most of the $16K tab.  I will follow the doctor's advice and keep up my healthcare regimen, including of course, regular Perkl-Light use.  And, every time I see someone eating french fries, I think about the adventure they may be creating for themselves in the future and wonder, "If they knew, would they still eat the fries?"

In conclusion, I would say that I never want to be in a hospital without a Perkl-Light.  That said, you must understand that you are somewhat in uncharted territory using your Perkl-Light in conjunction with invasive medical procedures, or in a setting like a hospital.  Once again - it is important that you set your intention for the energy work to be in cooperation with the medications and procedures, and focus on the good of everyone in the room. And hopefully, as more is learned about using the technology of the Perkl-Light in a setting like a hospital, better guidelines will emerge.  As more is learned about energy-work in general, and particularly in a setting such as a hospital, more and more people will be able to benefit, whether it is directly from energy healers, or from technologies like the Perkl-Light.  It is only a matter of time.
Here is an article I liked about energy-work in hospitals
Guidelines for Perkl-Light use in a Hospital

A couple of guidelines emerge, for using the Perkl-Light in a setting such as a hospital:

  1. Always set your intention for your energy work to include cooperating with the medical treatments.
  2. This is stated in the instructions, but it bears repeating here.  Be conscious of the possibility that a person using the Perkl-Light may release negativity that could affect others in the room.  This is more of a concern when using the Perkl-Light on people who are really sick.  Here are some recommendations: 
    • Ask people in the room to monitor their experience and speak up if they start to feel bad or out-of-balance.  It may be necessary to turn off the Perkl-Light or find another setting while they are present.
    • You can also find settings to support everyone in the room.  The "Blink Technique," presented on the blue "Intro DVD" (which is also the free DVD we send out) is a good way to do this.  This is especially important if there is more than one patient in the room.
    • Note that the preprogrammed settings such as chakras, meridians, etc. are less likely to be incompatible with someone in the room, but you still need to ask.
    • It is strongly recommended that you NOT use the Perkl-Light if there is another patient in the room who is sleeping or unconscious and therefore, unable to provide feedback about their experience.
  3. It is recommended that you write down settings that you find particularly helpful, so that you can come back to them at a later time.
  4. Keep in mind that as a co-inventor, I am an expert in the use of the Perkl-Light.  Your results will likely be different, and will depend on your general skill at energy work, and on how well you connect with the Perkl-Light.  That said, I would not want to be in a hospital without a Perkl-Light.

A couple of people this month have purchased their Perkl-Lights specifically for use in a hospital.  I hope that this information is helpful to them, as well as to anyone in the future who wants to use the Perkl-Light to help them have a better experience in the hospital or while dealing with difficult medical care.


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Visualization for Injections and the like...

This is a handy little trick I stumbled upon a few years ago, to help reduce the pain of injections and other needle-related medical experiences.  Simply visualize the cells getting out of the way of the needle as it is inserted.  If they are injecting something, visualize the cells making room for whatever it is that they are injecting.

This is a very simple technique, but it really seems to work!
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