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2007 November Perkl-Letter
November 2007
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Intentionality and the Highest Good

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Light that you can feel!

Always ask for the Highest Good in your Energy Work!

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My wife loves the product. She's used it for about six months. Usually, I take a bit longer than six months to evaluate a product before introducing it to my customers, but even though I have no idea why it works, I know it does. It would be a crime not to tell others about something so beneficial.
K.H. from Utah
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Intentionality and the Highest Good
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Dear Friend,

As taught in the movie, "The Secret," the intention you hold sets the stage for the results you get. This is true in life in general and especially in energy work.
In this newsletter, we will explain how to set your intention to optimally support your energy work, and how to use the Perkl-Light to maintain an energy field that supports this intention.
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Intentionality and the Highest Good
There are fundamentally two kinds of intentions. Intentions are either ego/fear-based or Spirit/Love-based. Intentions that are Spirit/Love-based are based on the energy of the heart. They take into account the highest good of you/the client, which is known by Spirit ("God," "Universal Mind," etc.), but not necessarily known by us in our limited consciousnesses.
Perkl-Light Session - KneeThe intention you set at the beginning of your energy work (which could include working with the Perkl-Light) has a great deal to do with the results you will achieve. The intention could be something as simple as, "I would like for my headache to go away," or "I would like to relax," or "I would like to energetically support my immune system," or "I would like to clear energy imbalances connected with (name your condition)." During the session, the energy serves as a vehicle for manifesting your intention - it is life-force that has been conditioned to support that particular intention.

While energy-work is generally quite effective, sometimes people have conditions that fail to improve, or that come back in a short time. In cases like this, it may be that the person being worked on (which could be you) has more to learn from that headache or sore foot, for example. In this case, a good intention for the energy work may be to assist the person in learning this lesson.

On another level, you don't even have to concern yourself with whether the intention should be to help their foot or to help them learn. The way I handle this is to set an intention that their foot will feel better or whatever other result might be for their highest good. This way, you turn the direction of the energy over to Spirit to bring forward the highest possible results for the client/yourself. Plus, by allowing Spirit to work through you and guide the energy work/Perkl-Light session, you protect your own energetic balance and clarity.

Perkl-Light Scanning Technique

In Reiki, they teach that the energy goes where it is most needed. This is a really great intention because it accesses the body's inner wisdom, to direct the flow of energy in the session. There is a similar technique you can use for energy work with the Perkl-Light. You can read about this technique here.

So what then, does the Perkl-Light do for you exactly? It generates and holds an energy field that supports an intention. If you have a Perkl-Light, you can use it to create a field that supports you while you are doing other things, such as working on your computer, cleaning the house, or whatever you might be doing. As I am writing this article, I have a Perkl-Light nearby that supports me in the task of writing. In an energy session, the Perkl-Light can be set to support the intention of the energy work. It will serve as another energy source, increasing the power of the session.

Colorado RainbowYou can see now, the importance of intention in your energy work. Hopefully, the material on the highest good will serve as a reminder to allow Spirit to work through you, whether your energy work is with or without the Perkl-Light. And if you have a Perkl-Light, it is my wish that these techniques will enhance your experience of this little marvel that serves as your body-energy's best friend.
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