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Perkl-Letter - December 2006
Featuring the Scanning Technique for Pain or Discomfort
December 2006 Featuring the Scanning Technique for Pain
in this issue:

Perkl Says...

Love every cell in your body...


"At the time I tried this product I was having bad stomach pains. I followed the instructions and within minutes the pain had substantially lessened. You simply tune in the frequency knob to what your body needs. Then just sit back & relax and let the color work its magic."

-Devra Ann Jacobs
Mystic Pop Magazine

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The Perkl-Light newsletter is here! The Perkl- Letter will present news and new techniques to help you benefit more fully from the amazing and wonderful technology in your Perkl-Light. If you are considering purchasing a Perkl-Light, the information in the Perkl-Letter will help you determine how the Perkl-Light can benefit you personally.

Do You Have Pain?

When demonstrating the Perkl-Light, I often ask people whether they have any pain. It has been astounding to me to discover that somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50% of the people I ask report some sort of pain, and maybe 10-20% have relatively severe pain.

The scanning technique is a simple way to use the Perkl-Light to energetically balance conditions that you can feel, such as those causing physical pain or emotional upset. The scanning technique does not require a person to be sensitive to energy to use it. While there have been no clinical studies on using the Perkl-Light for pain, the anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of this technique has been significant.

How to Do the Scanning Technique
Perkl-Light Scanning Technique

- Slowly turn each color-knob until it feels better...
Many of you already know the scanning technique, as it is featured on the blue "Intro" DVD that comes in the box with your Perkl-Light. If you have broadband, you can also watch a video demonstration of the scanning technique by clicking here.

Before beginning the scanning technique, it is helpful to sit down and relax - making sure you will have five or ten minutes of undisturbed time...

Why Does this Work?

Thomas Edison invented the light-bulb, but he did not invent light. The Perkl-Light is like Thomas Edison's light bulb. The energy it creates is ancient, profoundly wise, and familiar to people who work with energy.

The scanning technique uses pain or discomfort as a communication channel between your conscious mind and the cells in your body that are experiencing distress. When the Perkl-Light has been properly tuned in, the cells let you know by providing a subtle (or in some cases not-so-subtle) improvement in the pain. In this way, the pain serves as a messenger, assisting you in engaging the underlying energetic disturbance. The results are often profound.

So - next time you get a headache or experience pain of any sort, why don't you try this technique? We love to receive your testimonials, which you can easily submit by clicking this link.

Holiday Special

The Perkl-Light is a highly-effective, affordable device that is easy-to-use. The technology has benefitted me personally, and contributed to the lives of many people I know.

Buy your Perkl-Light before December 23 and get a $50 manufacturers rebate. Details are on the coupon in the box with your Perkl-Light.

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In Future Issues...

Stay tuned! Future issues of the Perkl-Letter will include subjects such as:

  • Practicing/enhancing your sensitivity to energy with the Perkl-Light
  • Clearing and programming with the Perkl-Light - crystals, jewelry, eyeglasses, water, a room, or just about any object
  • The Blink Technique - a highly advanced form of applied kinesiology that is easy to learn
  • How to direct the energy toward a specific part of the body
  • Traveling with your Perkl-Light
  • And many others...

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